Qualitative Research Study and Cost Analysis

The purpose of the ETUDES Center qualitative research study is to inform the design of interventions to improve screening, triage, and management of depression and suicidality among adolescents in primary care settings, as well as to provide insight into the usability, practicality, and uptake of interventions once designed. Adolescents, parents, and providers (physicians and mental health clinicians) contribute feedback about intervention design to inform researchers' future implementation of ETUDES research protocols and interventions.

Kaiser Permanente

Health Services and Economic Analyses

Frances Lynch, PhD, MSPH a Senior Investigator in Health Economics at Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s Center for Health Research (KPCHR), together with John Dickerson, Investigator in Biostatistics/Health Economics will work with the University of Pittsburgh team to develop estimates of the cost of the ETUDES interventions both individually and in combination.  The  KPCHR team will also work with the investigators to explore the cost-effectiveness of the interventions, how the interventions might impact usual health services use, and youth quality of life. 

The KPCHR team will work closely with the University of Pittsburgh team to collect data relevant to these analyses and will lead health services and cost analyses.

In addition to the economic analyses, the KPCHR team will explore the potential implementation of the ETUDES interventions in large health systems beyond University of Pittsburgh.  Specifically, Ms. Jennifer Schneider, an expert qualitative interviewer at KPCHR,  will complete qualitative interviews with health system stakeholders outside of the University of Pittsburgh and will explore the interest of health systems in adopting interventions such as those being tested in the ETUDES center. In addition, these qualitative interviews will explore current health system approaches to youth suicide prevention and management and use of e-health interventions in mental health and suicide prevention. 

Frances Lynch  Josh Dickerson

Frances Lynch, PhD, MSPH, Health Economist and CHR Senior Investigator

John Dickerson, PhD, Health Economist, Biostatistician and CHR Investigator

Jennifer Schneider, MPH, CHR Research Analyst III