ETUDES Center Partners

Mental Health Research Network

The Mental Health Research Network is an extensive network of the many research departments across the nation’s best healthcare systems. The organization comprises of around 2,000 scientists and researchers experts on a wide array of fields.





Xealth of UPMC

Xealth of UPMC is an electronic medical record charting to allow providers to oversee and monitor care for their patients. For ETUDES, this platform will be leading the digital curation of iCHART for use in pediatric primary care.





Pediatric PittNet at CTSI

Pediatric PittNet at CTSI works to connect researchers and participants to relevant research studies in the hopes of medical breakthroughs.




Children’s Community Pediatrics (CCP)

Children’s Community Pediatrics (CCP) is a large network known for exceptional care and service throughout western PA. They will be serving as a recruitment site in developing and implementing iCHART intervention, and further apart of the stakeholder steering committee.











NuRelm is a Website software and design firm, and they will be developing the mobile application platforms in the ETUDES study. Their role is crucial in facilitating an innovative integrated care to improve the quality of care for adolescents’ mental health treatment.








Center for Health Statistics & Discerning Systems

The Center for Health Statistics & Discerning Systems is apart of the University of Illinois in Chicago, and works to provide a solid statistical research foundation in hopes of advancing healthcare through thorough data analysis.




Center for Behavioral Health + Smart Technology

Center for Behavioral Health + Smart Technology is apart of the University of Pittsburgh, and facilitates research to improve population health that lies at the crossroads of clinical medicine, computer science, health services research, and healthcare delivery.

Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh is well-known for exceptional academic and clinical accomplishments. A big priority of the department is the pursuing of discovery of new scientific knowledge to develop better treatments.









WPH Office of Academic Computing

The WPH Office of Academic Computing’s mission is to support the computer infrastructure of the research community, and also offer data management, programming, and study coordination.






Western Psychiatric Hospital (WPH)

Western Psychiatric Hospital (WPH) is a national leader in the innovative treatment of mental health and addictive disorders. Consistently ranked as one of the best in America by U.S. News.










Qualitative, Evaluation, and Stakeholder Engagement Research Services

QUAL EASE, or the Qualitative, Evaluation, and Stakeholder Engagement Research Services at the University of Pittsburgh, is dedicated to qualitative data analysis to research grant designs by experienced and highly educated collaborators.








Center for Clinical Trials and Data Coordination

CCDC, or the Center for Clinical Trials and Data Coordination at the University of Pittsburgh, is critical in the design, conduct, coordination, and analysis of clinical trials.






Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente works to give everybody a chance to live a healthy life, especially in terms of meeting quality care for mental health. They will be assisting in developing and deploying an online intervention to help treat insomnia as part of the pilot studies.





Child and Adolescent Bipolar Spectrum Disorders Clinic

The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Spectrum Disorders clinic (CABS) at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital is devoted to diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with mood problems. The clinic will be used as a referral source for children and adolescents seeking evaluations for Bipolar Spectrum Disorders.





STAR Center

STAR Center is a suicide prevention program for teens and young children within the Division of Child and Adolescent Services at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and the Department of Pitt Psychiatry. It is the first and only comprehensive youth suicide intervention center in PA, and one of the first in the nation.





Health Record Research Request

Health Record Research Request (R3) at CTSI is a service of the Department of Biomedical Informatics, which is the process of provisioning UPMC clinical data and of authorizing additional UPMC data sources for research.










Pitt Department of Biomedical informatics

Pitt Department of Biomedical informatics is committed to improving biomedical research and clinical care through the innovative approach of informatics and applying innovative technologies.










Innovation Institute

Pitt’s Innovation Institute supports and facilitates innovation and entrepreneurship through networking, mentoring, and programming. The institute is highly rated and lives up to its innovative nature.






Pitt HRPO (IRB)’s mission is to protect and serve anybody of any age who is involved in any research at the University and at UPMC. They focus on the risks and benefits of a particular study, and further provide support in the facilitation of IRB and consent forms.








Clinical + Translational Institute

Clinical + Translational Institute (CTSI) accelerates medical innovation through scientific research and clinical discovery. This department will be involved in providing many different resources,  identifying pilot studies, as well as recruiting participants. Ultimately, they are an important source of support and guidance.






Children’s Hospital of UPMC

Children’s Hospital of UPMC is a regional, national, and global leader in the treatment of childhood conditions and diseases, developing improved therapies, and a top educator in pediatrics.








Center for Bioethics & Health Law

The Center for Bioethics & Health Law at Pitt brings together clinicians, scholars, and researchers to investigate bioethics and health law disciplines, such as humanities, philosophical, and legal issues. This center will be providing consultation on ethical conduct and consent procedures with the interventions in plan.




Human-Computer Interaction Institute

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is a living laboratory where the relationship between computer technology, human activity and society is studied deeply.






Pitt School of Computing & Information

The Pitt School of Computing & Information (PittSCI)’s purpose is to support powerful discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurship driven by data and technology. The center will be organizing annual hackathons to encourage the development of innovative technologies with the help of young scientists. The center will also be a crucial element in the technical aspects of ETUDES.





University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a state-related research university and is ranked among the best in higher education. They are well-known for a faculty that is expansive in knowledge spanning across many domains, excelling in humanities and sciences.











Allegheny County Health Department

The Allegheny County Health Dept works to protect, promote, and preserve the health and well-being of the residents in the Allegheny County. This nationally accredited public health department will be apart of the stakeholder steering committee, especially in offering insight on gaining the most positive public health impact from the study.











Leading Education and Awareness for Depression

Leading Education and Awareness for Depression, or LEAD Pittsburgh for short, is a community initiative dedicated to eliminating barriers to mental health treatment through diligent recognition and awareness. It aims to draw attention to the way depression is a treatable condition. Their expertise will be apart of the stakeholder community panel, offering insight on the various pilot projects.











Community Care Behavioral Health Organization

Community Care Behavioral Health Organization is a health insurance company that has been assisting those with mental health conditions and addiction across Pennsylvania. They will be contributing to the project by being apart of the stakeholder steering committee, or taking part in overall guidance and evaluation of the study.





Allegheny Family Network

Allegheny Family Network is a family-run organization consisting of parents and caregivers who have directly been influenced by the mental health challenges that may come in raising a child. They will be apart of the Steering committee, which is involved in providing oversight and overall support all throughout the study.






Pennsylvania Medical Home Initiative

Pennsylvania Medical Home Initiative is designed to bring better health to people, and works under the more broad program of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, or a non-profit organization of board-certified pediatricians.






Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy

The Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy is driven in its mission to extensively give all students the opportunity to dream, discover, and design. In specifically STEM-related fields, students are given many resources, networks, and a quality education. The academy will be taking a role in the stakeholder group, while also involving the enthusiasm of high school students.










Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Jewish Healthcare Foundation develops and manages programs, research, training, and grantmaking to perfect patient care. The Behavioral Health Initiative will be involved in the stakeholder steering committee; weaving expertise and experience with other experts.








Pediatric Alliance

The Pediatric Alliance is the largest physician owned group pediatric practice in the Southwestern PA area. Their board certified pediatricians offer quality primary care for children and adolescents in 17 different locations. 







Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health

The Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health will be essential in providing a youth perspective to the research by the Youth Research Advisory Board (YRAB). Furthermore, the center will be a key consultant in assuring the studies are appropriate for the LGBT community. The center itself is passionate in pursuing its mission of seeing all young people thrive.










UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program

UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program will be assisting in developing pilot studies and providing an extensive network of patients and residents. The Family Medicine department is known for providing high quality care in all its relationships in Pittsburgh.








Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health’s Stand Together

Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health’s Stand Together is a student-to-student initiative that aims to inspire the youth to take care of their peers’ and their own mental health. Through the help of the county’s anti-stigma training and service learning projects, they push for increased awareness and education for adolescents. They will be apart of the stakeholder committee, working to provide insight and interpretation of the study.





American Academy of Pediatrics PA Chapter

American Academy of Pediatrics PA Chapter is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of every child through valuable pediatric practice. This chapter will be apart of the stakeholder steering committee, working to provide noteworthy advice and guidance.








The Brain Care Institute (BCI) at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

The Brain Care Institue and its Child Neurology Services is dedicated to developing innovative treatments and approaches for infants, children, and teens with disorders of and injuries to the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves. Neurologists work with our world-renowned childhood neurosurgery team to provide the best treatment possible — all backed by the kind of research and programs that only one of the nation’s top pediatric teaching hospitals can offer.

University of Pittsburgh STAR Center 

STAR-Center's mission is to provide state-of-the-art youth suicide prevention through the specialized and evidence based assessment and treatment of children and adolescents suffering from depression and or anxiety.

UPMC Department of Family Medicine

The UPMC Department of Family Medicine offers comprehensive primary care to people of all ages and at all stages of life and health. The approach at the UPMC Department of Family Medicine is based on understanding their patients in the setting of their own lives, families, and communities.In addition to caring for patients, they also work to improve medical care through research and education in primary care medicine.

Seattle Children's 

Seattle Children's specializes in the care of infants, children, teens, and young adults aged 0-21 in several specialties. The hospital is also ranked #10 children's hospital nationwide by the U.S. News and World Report.

Northwell Health 

Northwell Hospital is a network of collaborators, research pioneers, entrepreneurs and educators—72,000 strong—caring for millions of patients each year and creating a brighter tomorrow. They strive to improve the health of the communities we serve and are committed to providing the highest quality clinical care. 

Henry Ford Health System 

Henry Ford Health System is comprised of hospitals, medical centers and one of the nation's largest group practices, the Henry Ford Medical Group, which includes more than 1,200 physicians practicing in over 40 specialties. It is one of the nation's leading health care providers, and it is a nonprofit corporation. 

Wesley Family Services 

Wesley Family Services is a non-profit organization that serves more than 30,000 individuals and families in Western PA. Our caring, highly trained staff of over 1,100 people are committed to providing high quality behavioral healthcare services and support programs to children, adults, and families over the course of their lifespan so that they are empowered to reach their full potential.

Center for Young Adult and Adolescent Medicine (CAYAH) at UPMC 

Center for Young Adult and Adolescent Medicine (CAYAH) is UPMC Children's Hospital clinic for adolescents and young adults (up to age 26), located in Oakland. You can visit us for all kinds of health issues -- anything from a sports physical to birth control to questions about sexual health.

Center for Behavioral Health, Media, and Technology

The Center for Behavioral Health, Media, and Technology is exploring the intersection of behavioral health, technology, and media, as well as investigating methods for using technology to improve the delivery of health care.

Children's Medical Center of Dallas

The Children's Medical Center of Dallas, one of the top pediatric and teaching hospitals in the U.S., offers essential care to children and families for any and all medical conditions presented.

Children's Health: Children's Medical Center Dallas logo

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas, is the largest medical school in the state of Texas and promotes health, education, and innovation through biomedical research while also offering care to millions of patients.

UT Southwestern Medical Center logo

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers safe, quality care to children and families while utilizing new research and evidence to improve medical practice.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Logo

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a top-ranked Ivy League college, founded by Ben Franklin, that works to educate, integrate knowledge, and inspire innovation in each of its students, faculty, and staff.

University of Pennsylvania logo

Kids Plus Pediatrics

Kids Plus Pediatrics is a Pittsburgh-based pediatric care center offering sickness evaluations, mental health services, routine medical appointments, and more to ensure that every patient gets treated efficiently and effectively.

Kids Plus Pediatrics logo